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"KANJINAME" is a WEB application that translates your name into Japanese kanji.

We launched this website as part of activities to spread "Japanese Calligraphy", a traditional Japanese culture.

Attempts to convert names into kanji by various methods have been done so far. However, it took money when it was done with human's hands, and when it was done by a program, the number of characters became longer, and it was unnatural result, it was both merit and short.

Our proprietary conversion algorithm realizes unprecedented, very cool, smart conversion on a program.

The converted kanji name is output as a beautiful brush character as if written by a calligrapher. You can download the image freely, post it to SNS, put it on your profile, print it, and use it freely.
Of course it is free!

For personal use, you do not have to bother to take permission.
(Of course, it would be very nice if you could contact me ... !!)

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